Complimentary SkyBox Suite for Mettle Customers

    Adobe has acquired Mettle SkyBox Suite -  Read More.
    As part of our commitment to a seamless integration, Mettle SkyBox Customers will have have an additional SkyBox Suite in their accounts, with 10 activations. 
    Login to your mettle account to find the license key.
    It uses a new license activation system. 
    You only need to register any one plugin, and all the Suite plugins will be registered.
    NOTE: You need to download the latest installers* from your Mettle account.
    IMPORTANT: The other SkyBox plugins in your account will not work with this new license system. Please continue to use the same license keys for those earlier purchases. The keys will also work with the new installers. 

    Current Adobe Creative Cloud paid subscribers are also able to access SkyBox plugins through Adobe by sending an email to Include your Adobe ID and first and last name as it appears on your account. You will receive a response within one week.


    Latest Product Versions (July 7, 2017)

    FreeForm v2.19

    FreeForm Pro v1.89

    ShapeShifter v1.89

    SkyBox Studio v2.62

    SkyBox 360/VR Tools v1.74

    SkyBox PostFX1 v1.74

    SkyBox PostFX2 v1.74

    SkyBox Transitions1 v1.19

    SkyBox Transitions2 v1.19

    SkyBox VRPlayer WIN v1.49

    SkyBox VRPlayer MAC v1.13