My 360 render times seem long. What can I do?

    • If you are not using 3D plugins then make sure to keep this Unchecked. That will save you a lot of render time.

    • Do not use an After Effects to Adobe Media Encoder workflow (for now) it exhausts your system resources and results in excessive render times. Use the AE Render queue instead and render to Pro res 422 HQ then send that render to Adobe Media Encoder for compression.

    • SkyBox products use the GPU (display) mostly for rendering, so a very good GPU helps.

    • Unfortunately the Macs do not perform very well. If you are considering a new machine 

    • We strongly suggest Windows with a GPU that has 2GB of VRAM... preferably more.
      A windows machine will be infinitely faster and cheaper than any Mac we know of right now.